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An Auto Shipper Saves

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Moving isn’t easy. Transporting your life across state lines, hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away is an exciting endeavor, but it can be painful. Let’s say your brother died two years ago. Now that your family is dwindling, and you can’t quite make it by living in the same house off of your bartenders salary, you’ve decided to move home, back to Florida. But in all the rush and bustle of transporting you need to make sure everything is copacetic. How are you going to take your car down south? Well what about auto transport Florida?

That way you can rent a U-Haul and pack it with all of your things, and hire car transport services to help you move your car. Auto transporting is much less expensive than paying movers. By packing and driving your material possessions on your own and paying an auto shipper, you’re actually saving a good amount of cash. And you can time it so that your car arrives when you do.

Coordination is made easy when you have reliable auto shippers working with you. Set the dates, pack your stuff and hit the road! We’ll be right behind you. Call an auto shipper today!

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Forego The Hassle: Choose Car Shipping

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The U.S. is huge. It is the third largest country in the world, filled with desert, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, and tundra (if you’re moving from or to Alaska). Traveling across it is a serious endeavor, especially when you are moving and have all the specifics about which box goes where, and when you start your new job and how to pay the real estate broker on your mind.

You do not want to have to worry about getting your car prepared to drive three thousand miles. Not that it couldn’t handle it, but that’s about four months of driving in less than two weeks (if you take your time). It’s like a marathon for your car. You’d have to check the engine, change the oil, rotate the tires, etc. It’s much easier on you and your vehicle to leave it to car transport services.

That way you don’t have to worry about routes and miles, gas prices and hotel stays, and where you’ll end up in relation to when your boxes arrive. Auto transporting takes care of car shipping so that your car arrives at an exact time and place. No worry, no hassle. Don’t stress any more – choose car transport services.

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Enclosed Car Carriers

auto shipperYou’ve finally come to the realization that car shipping is the best solution for getting your vehicle across a dozen state lines. However, you’ve just purchased a brand new BMW or maybe it’s a ferocious red Ferrari. The price of an auto shipper isn’t the first thing on your mind. You’re too busy worrying about dirt, mud, and dead bugs getting all over your car. Whether you’re protective over your car or you’re shipping an antique that really can’t afford to face the elements, ABC Auto Transport offers enclosed car carriers.

An enclosed car carrier will ensure that nothing will ruin that pristine paint job on your car. You can feel safe and sleep again at night knowing that your car will arrive safely to its destination. Need more reason to trust ABC Auto Transport? Customer satisfaction is their priority and happy customers include dealerships, military transfers, corporate relocation, and online and auction purchases. Head on over to their website and fill out the form for a free price quote. Are you a student or a military personal? Inquire about the discounts they offer.

So give that Ferrari a good polishing before you load it up into the enclosed carrier. Like every car they transport, ABC Auto Transport will keep your car in good hands.

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Transporting a Car Made Easy

car transport servicesJust a few weeks ago I had received word that I would be getting a job transfer from New York all the way to Texas. I wasn’t looking forward to the process of picking up my entire life and moving it down South. Of course I was excited to move, but I only had a limited amount of time to sell my house, pack up my things and get everything ready for the big day. One task I really wasn’t looking forward to was getting my car to Texas. I knew that driving was out of the question. My car is ten years old and I knew it couldn’t make the trip. Although I plan on getting a new car with my raise, I just didn’t have the time to deal with it.

So what did I do? I went onto ABC Auto Transport’s web site to learn about their car transport services. Again, I was pressed for time and couldn’t spend it on the phone learning about their services. I was so happy when I discovered that you can place your order directly on their web site. You’d be surprised how many other businesses aren’t fully immersed in the digital age. It took me five minutes to fill out the form and I was all set! Are you more comfortable with faxing? They accept faxes too!

I lead a busy life, but ABC Auto Transport made transporting a car simple and fast.

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Getting Your Car Ready for Auto Transporting

auto car transportThe date for your auto transporting is all set and you’re excited for the big move. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare your car for its epic journey across the country. The first thing you need to do is empty the car of any valuables. ABC Auto Transport is not responsible for any lost or damaged items in your car. I think your Glee: Volume 1 CD will be fine, but don’t leave your wife’s birthday present hidden in the trunk of the car. Don’t fill up your gas tank before transporting a car. Just leave about a quarter tank of gas. This will reduce the carrier’s weight and provide better gas mileage. (Remember it’s cool to be green!)

Getting a full car wash probably isn’t the best idea since your car will still remain exposed to the elements while being transported. Save that task for when the car arrives. When the driver comes to pick up your car, be ready to have the car inspected. The driver will write up a report of any damages to the car. It’s very important you look this document over carefully before you sign. After you have said your farewells, remember you’ll see your car soon and it’ll be safe in the hands of ABC Auto Transport!

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Transporting a Car in the Winter

transporting a carIf you live in the Northeast, I’m sure the great “snowpocalypse” of 2010 wreaked havoc in your neighborhood. New York was hit hard and it’ll probably take weeks for some of those massive snow mounds to melt. Some towns saw up to two feet of snow! That’s probably nothing compared to some Midwest states, but it’s a lot for us! Of course there were plenty of people who felt the need to drive out in blizzard conditions and got stuck in the snow –many cars were even abandoned. So what does this have to do with transporting a car? Well, everything! For those looking to travel across the country during the winter, it can be very hazardous.

Regardless of which direction your headed, you’re likely to hit snow somewhere along the way. Snow is probably one of the most dangerous driving conditions –on Long Island we had over 100 accidents reports. Instead of risking your safety, why not use car transport services from ABC Auto Transport? Their trucks can handle snow a little bit better than your Mini Cooper (even with the new four-wheel drive model!). Snow may look beautiful but it’s dangerous and I refuse to drive in it. Don’t be caught in the storm. Transport your car to safety!

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Road Trips Aren’t Always That Great, Part 2

auto transportingLast week we talked about some pretty crazy tourist attractions and today we have a few more. I didn’t think it could get any worse than that barbed wire museum, but apparently it does. If you’re looking to waste time on your next road trip, add these attractions to your list:

Instead of visiting these sub-par gimmicks, why don’t you let ABC Auto Transport offer their car transport services? You’ll save money and time when transporting a car.

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Road Trips Aren’t Always That Great

auto transportingEveryone loves a good road trip now and again, but sometimes, you really aren’t missing all that much. Instead, you end up bleeding cash to fill up the tank and your cramped up legs are putting you at risk for deep vein thrombosis! I’d rather use the money towards car transport services, but in case you’re wondering about all the “great” stuff you’re missing out on, check out our list of things to (not) see:

Now that you know what you are missing, why don’t you let us take care of your auto transporting needs?

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Still Waiting for Flying Cars

auto transportingWhen my parents were growing up, everyone was so excited to enter the new millennium. The future meant flying cars and robots who took care of all the cooking and cleaning. Yes, it was the good life of The Jetsons. The year 2000 came and went and we’re still nowhere near our expectations. However, we might be finally taking a step into the ultra-futuristic direction. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing a $65 million project to create a flying car. Of course it will be for military purposes only and not nearly as cool as you would think.

The vehicle, known as the Transformer or TX, would function like a Humvee on the road, but have the mobility of a helicopter in the air. The car won’t be simply “flying around.” Instead, it will be used to send supplies, provide medical evacuation, avoid explosives, and to send in Special Forces. The flying vehicle will take years to conceptualize and build, but could be ready as early as 2015.

The future is here…sort of. Until then, we’ll have to settle for driving our normal cars and using car transport services to go even farther. At least I can rely on ABC Auto Transport for all my auto transporting needs.

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Transporting a Car to Hawaii

auto car transportIt has always been my dream to move to the sunny beaches of Hawaii. After going there on vacation several years ago, I was hooked. I knew one day I had to make this gorgeous place my home. However, it’s not exactly cheap to live there and I had just purchased a brand new car. Obviously I had to find some way of getting my car to the island. I was not about to sell my car just so I could buy another one down there. (The car and I have grown quite attached!)

I began looking up car transport services, but no one would transport a car to Hawaii! I was about to give up and place an ad in the paper to sell my beautiful car. But then I experienced one of those moments where a mysterious light seems to shine down on you from above. While searching online, I found ABC Auto Transport. This wonderful company actually transports cars to Hawaii, and Canada if you prefer the cold.

It’s been several weeks since I moved down to Hawaii and I’m all settled in. I love being able to drive my car around and soak up the sun with the top down. So when you finally realize life is better on an island, use ABC Auto Transport, the best auto car transport company in the country.

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