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Settlers Never Had Car Transport Services – Look What Happened to Them

car transport servicesThe road smells like gasoline and cheeseburgers. Small rural barns with their white x’ed doors jut from the green-grassed or beige-wheated fields. The road stretches for hundreds of miles, sometimes without any signs of life, as desolate now as it was three hundred years ago, before early settlers trekked across the vast plains. The sky is even bigger than the land and it’s not uncommon to wonder when you’re going to hit ocean. Then mountains rise ominously and you thank your lucky fifty stars that you’re not looking for the Oregon Trail and you have to cross those bad boys with late fall coming on and some deathly winter snows and your rations running low. Whew!

It takes dozens of hours to drive across the country. It wasn’t easy for the settlers, and it still isn’t easy now. When you’re dealing with a long distance move, why not make it easier on yourself and hire car transport services? That way you can deal with getting acquainted with your new surroundings and auto transporting will move your car from one city to the next. Car transport services brave the elements, and the road, so that you don’t have to.

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Think About an Auto Car Transport Broker

Moving can be very stressful. Not only do you have to pack and sort through all of your stuff, but you have to find a way to ship it. And thinking about all the things you’ll need for your new home and everything else that comes with getting settled in can be very daunting.

One of the aspects of moving long distances that people often forget about is their car. Auto car transport doesn’t have to be stressful –it can be fun. First, calculate your budget for auto transporting. If you want, you can even hire an auto transporting broker. This can help to relieve you of all the stress of finding good car transport services , setting the dates for pickup, and getting a good price for delivery. While you may think that this is probably a more expensive route to take, you may be surprised. If you do a half hour of online research, you can come up with surprisingly affordable quotes. After that there are lots of other things to do, like getting rid of your possessions.

Dealing with car transport services isn’t rocket science. Even if you don’t want to choose a broker, just call up the company with the best auto car transport rates.

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The Lives of Cars

The lives of cars are hard. Your owners drive you around, some not taking very good care of you. Pigeons poop on you. When you roll over pot holes really fast it hurts. And when you get really thirsty for gasoline, and your punk kids are driving us around, squeezing everything they can out of us, they still push us to the limit and make us do seventy around those turns up the hill.

Road trips, although they can be fun, are major endurance trials. It’s difficult to drive across the country, especially for older cars that haven’t been cleaned and taken care of. Sure the scenery is nice, but have you ever thought of auto transporting? Not only does it save cars unneeded headaches, but it allows us to live a little bit longer. You know the old saying, live fast, die young? It applies  to cars too.

Car transport services are like limousines for cars. We get taken care of, moved around, and we don’t have to move a gear. If you really want to treat your car, all you have to do is choose auto transporting from one of the many car transport services.

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Jeaneane Loves Auto Transporting

Auto transporting saved me a lot of time and stress. I’ll back up, pardon the pun, and start from the beginning.

I had been wanting to move to California for years. Nothing like sitting in the Southern sunshine, you know? And since I’m from Chicago and deal with rough winters annually, I knew it would be a very different life. I’d been to Cali and seen the lifestyle in L.A. I need to keep my car, I thought. How can you get it there, though?

My car isn’t anything special. It’s a blue  ’92 Honda Civic with 143,000 miles on it. I know that from Chicago to L.A. is about two thousand miles, and I didn’t want to put the pressure on Jeaneane – that’s my car’s name. So I called up car transport services and aasked about auto transporting. The price was good and I decided to do it.

Today my car just cracked the 145,000 mile marker and it’s been nine weeks since I’ve been in Los Angeles. That nine weeks of driving would have been an added strain on Jeaneane if I had driven her across the prairie, mountains and desert to get to my new home. I’m glad I chose car transport services.

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The Benefits of Using Car Transport Services

There are many benefits of letting car transport services move your car from A to B on your behalf: they save you time, money, stress, and allow you to travel the way you want to travel.

1.    Saves money – It’s easy to find a great deal on auto transporting if you shop around online, but when you drive yourself, the costs can add up: you’ve got to buy fuel, pay tolls, and maybe book a motel room for a night or two.

2.    Saves time – Let’s face it, driving takes time, which is something that you might be short of since you’re moving to a new city. Using auto transporting services can give you hours and days of time back and allow you to do more important things like catch up on emails, say goodbye to friends, and make arrangements in the city you’re headed to.

3.    Lets you travel your way – There’s nothing worse than driving because you have to. Sometimes, you just want to sit back and relax in an airplane, train or bus rather than deal with rude drivers and unpredictable traffic. And traveling by airplane or bus is cheaper than ever with services like Jet Blue and Bolt Bus.

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Car Transport Services Allow You To Fly

Driving your car for hours, days and even weeks at a time when you’re moving to a new city is not always ideal, as you want to keep things simple for yourself, and save as much time as possible – after all, you’re flat out with packing, saying goodbyes, researching your new city, tying up bits and pieces, etc.

When you allow car transport services to move your car, you can make things easier for yourself and fly to your new city. The last thing you want is to roll in feeling stressed and flustered – not a good start! Flying is fast, relaxing, and allows you to catch up on much needed sleep that you’ve missed out on in the process of moving.

When you fly to your destination, you can write emails, listen to music and watch the news, comedy shows, and movies, if you’re flying across the country. You can also partake in a little meal, or at least some snacks, and of course, you can chill out with a glass of wine or a can of beer. Thanks to auto car transport, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed!

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Move Stress-Free with Auto Car Transport

Let me tell you a little story of me and auto transporting. I had spent my whole life in Clearwater, Florida. I had a wonderful childhood filled with regular trips to the beach, warm evenings playing Frisbee in the park, and a visit to Disney World in Orlando once a year. I liked Clearwater so much that I decided to stick around and attend college there, too.

At 21, I seemed to have everything I could ever hope for – a great family, lots of friends, my own car, a college degree, and a beautiful outdoorsy lifestyle. But something was missing. A taste of a state other than Florida! So, I decided I would pack up and start my career in the city of bright lights, New York City.

Suddenly, I was madly packing, making travel arrangements, looking for apartments and jobs on Craigslist. Some friends said I shouldn’t take my car to New York because it was a hassle to own a car in Manhattan, but I’d be living in Brooklyn, and I thought my car would come in handy.

But actually driving to New York amidst the stress of moving seemed like too much, so I enlisted the services of an auto transport Florida company, which got my car to the Big Apple, my new home, safely.

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Auto Transporting and Road Trip Movies

Everyone loves a good road trip, but sometimes cross country driving is best left to auto transporting companies. If you’re using a car transport service and want your dose of road trip action, check out one of these movies.

Thelma and Louise (1991) is a quintessential road trip action flick starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in the title roles. They hit the road  in a Thunderbird convertible to escape their troubled lives, but when Louise kills a man in self-defense, they’re on the run from the police. The showdown takes place in Canyonlands in Utah.

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) is a Spanish biopic about 23-year-old Ernesto Guevara and his best friend who journeyed across South America in 1952, starting in Buenos Aires. The route was ambitious, taking in the Andes, the coast of Chile, the Atacama Desert, the Peruvian Amazonia and Venezuela, among other locales.

Into The Wild (2007) is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless, who trekked through the Stampede Trail in Alaska. After graduating from Emory University with high grades in 1990, McCandless gave away his savings, stopped talking to his family in Virginia, and hit the road in search of a more spiritual experience.

To spend more time watching movies and less time transporting your car, contact an auto car transport company today!

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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Used Auto Transporting

There are so many stories we hear about people who’ve had a horrific experience when embarking on a long-distance drive. Every story of someone deciding not to take advantage of auto transporting starts out the same:

The person decides that instead of flying to their destination, they’re going to drive—auto car transport never occurs to them and they are hopelessly intoxicated off of the romantic idea of The Great American Road Trip. The drive always starts off great. They have their boxes loaded up, overhead cargo securely tethered to the roof racks, the car is gassed up, tire pressure checked, oil changed—the whole shebang.

The person is always a few hours into the drive, singing along to The Band or some Dylan tune, something that really reflects the spirit of the dusty lonesome highway, and then they hear a loud pop, or start to smell smoke, or the car just slows and stops altogether. The person’s road trip just made a 180. They end up waiting on the side of the road, trying to get cell phone signal until a creepy trucker shows up with those tacky naked-lady mudflaps on his rig, and offers them a ride. And the story just get’s crazier from there. Every story starts out the same, and every story ends the same—the person always wishes they used auto car transport.

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The Perils of Driving Yourself

I just spoke to my friend who is trying to drive across country. He had just driven 15 hours across Texas and had braved a thunderstorm with lightning that had struck within five feet of his car. Huge bolts scorched the ground, and flashed everywhere. Torrents of rain washed over his windshield and he drove less than 30 m.p.h. across a flat plain that he hoped wouldn’t drop off into a deep ravine. He was driving right through a desert storm.

It was raining so hard he said that there were small rivers floating on the shoulder of the road, and he feared that the road would flood and carry him away. I told him that’s what he gets for trying to take the shortcut to California – he should’ve stayed on a major interstate, but no, he wanted to drive across the country himself.

“Listen,” I said, “You would’ve been way better off leaving your car to auto shipping companies. Auto transporting is cheap, safe, and fast. You wanted adventure and extra expenses, so you went  ahead and drove yourself.  If you had wanted to move hassle-free with no problems, you should have chosen auto transporting.”

He was speechless.

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