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Transporting a Car to Hawaii

auto car transportIt has always been my dream to move to the sunny beaches of Hawaii. After going there on vacation several years ago, I was hooked. I knew one day I had to make this gorgeous place my home. However, it’s not exactly cheap to live there and I had just purchased a brand new car. Obviously I had to find some way of getting my car to the island. I was not about to sell my car just so I could buy another one down there. (The car and I have grown quite attached!)

I began looking up car transport services, but no one would transport a car to Hawaii! I was about to give up and place an ad in the paper to sell my beautiful car. But then I experienced one of those moments where a mysterious light seems to shine down on you from above. While searching online, I found ABC Auto Transport. This wonderful company actually transports cars to Hawaii, and Canada if you prefer the cold.

It’s been several weeks since I moved down to Hawaii and I’m all settled in. I love being able to drive my car around and soak up the sun with the top down. So when you finally realize life is better on an island, use ABC Auto Transport, the best auto car transport company in the country.

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Posted on: Monday, December 6th, 2010 at 9:00 am

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